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What's Inside 


Live Trade Set Ups

Follow the exact positions I take in the Live markets. You will be provided with my entry price, take profit, stop loss and the RRR of the trade. Full history of the TGS trades is accessible.

Full Forex Course

Start my forex course with zero experience and you will begin to learn how I find profitable set ups in the market. Wether you have no experience or have tried trading before, this course is designed to accelerate your forex knowledge.

Daily Market Updates

Every morning you will be sent my full chart breakdowns of every currency pair I am looking at for that day. Every potential trade set up will be sent to you way in advance. You are going to know exactly why I am entering and exit every trade. You will also receive frequent updates throughout the day.

Global Live Chatroom

Access to our global live chatroom full of both aspiring and experienced traders. Surrounding yourself with like minded individuals on the same path will rapidly increase your learning curve. Share your analysis, trades and learn from each other! You will also receive both mine and The Golden Suite coaches full mentorship and support within the community.

Daily Live Video Analysis

If you learn easier by video then this is perfect for you. Frequent videos of myself breaking down the charts will be uploaded to The Golden Suite. 
You'll quickly learn and see first hand how my 3 unique strategies consistently produce profitable trade set ups within the market. 

Secrets Of A Pro

Secrets of a Pro is my Cinematic Vlog series. In every episode I will be spilling different secrets and techniques that I have used in the markets for many years. All these tips and tricks combined will quickly transform your trading ability.

Weekly Market Breakdowns

Every Sunday evening before the markets open you will receive a full, in-depth video breakdown of me going through every pair with big opportunities for the week ahead. Not only will you receive this every Sunday evening, but you will receive updates everyday leading up to when a trade position is taken.

Daily Live Analysis 

Every morning Mon-Fri I go live on zoom with The Golden Suite members who can watch me break down the charts live in front of them. You are getting a head start on the day as you can see exactly what pairs may have potential opportunites throughout the day. As your learning to trade independently this will allow you to compare your analysis to mine on a daily basis.

4x Free Tickets To TGS Meet Ups

The Golden Suite hosts 4 Free meet ups a year and your invited to them all! Previous meet ups include Birmingham and up the Gherkin in London. Meet myself, The Golden Suite team and other members of the community in person!
£87/m after your free trial. Cancel anytime 
before your trial is up and you will not be charged.